The Florida Athletic Club ( F.A.C. ) was formed in 1988 as the only State-Wide club in Florida. We welcome athletes of all ages and ability. F.A.C. has no age group requirement. Our Masters' team constitutes one of the top Masters' Track & Field and Race Walking Teams in the country. FAC, under the name of "FLORIDA ATHLETICS, INC." is a recognized charity under the Internal Revenue Code, and as such all donations are tax-deductible. We are also exempt from the state's sales tax.

Our athletes have the advantage of training independently, at their own pace, and at their own discretion. FAC will offer online coaching for those who may need that additional push or bit of guidance. We will provide information regarding area and regional meets in which our athletes may register and compete. The F.A.C. website will offer links to other related organizations and to additional content that will ideally facilitate the success of our athletes and our club as a whole. We offer the unique opportunity for athletes and their families ages 8 to 108 to share in the comradery and support that only a model such as ours can provide.

The F.A.C. pays all of the USATF club registration fees, Florida Convention fees, equipment, office expenses, and underwrites the cost of medals, and uniforms. We maintain not only our club membership, but mailing lists of over 300 potential participants in track & field.

F.A.C. has historically been a major sponsor of track meets in the state of Florida. Our club dues may potentially go towards underwriting the cost of these meets. Our goal is to support many track meets throughout the state.